Hello NWC members!

It's time for our annual meeting, which will be held on zoom (hopefully for the last time) on Sunday, June 27th at 7pm. Email norwichwomensclub@gmail.com if you need a copy of the link. As usual, we need to approve our new slate of board members (below) and approve last year's annual meeting minutes. Thank you again for sticking with us in this extraordinary year, and we look forward to the resumption of more normal activities in the coming months. 

Our proposed board slate for 2021-2022 still has some openings. In particular we are in need of a treasurer, as Tracey Hayes is leaving us after two years of hard work. If you or anyone you know would like to serve on the board, please email Linda Ely at elyinus@gmail.com. In addition, we should note that the NWC Bylaws, which came into effect in 2019, do not require board positions to be specified beyond the executive committee. If you choose to join the board, you may do so without any specific committee appointment, but with the expectation that you will attend board meetings on the first Monday of each month.


With that in mind, the proposed slate for 2021-2022 is: 

Lily Trajman, President
Annette Brown, Vice President

Treasurer, TBD

Recording Secretary, TBD

Cinny Bensen

Carole Bibeau

Christine Bothe

Anne Day

Hayley DeLugach

Linda Ely

Sue Kaufman

Alexa Manning

Alanna Mayer
Amy Somerstein
Karen Ward
Elaine Waterman

Click here for the Treasurer's Summary Report for Fiscal 2021.

Click on the PDF icon to download the Annual Meeting agenda, minutes from 2020, and the proposed board slate.