Lily Trajman, President

OPEN, Vice President

Tracey Hayes, Treasurer

Annette Brown, Recording Secretary


Christine Bothe, Historian Co-Chair

Annette Brown, Nearly New Sale Co-Chair

Judy Brown, Newsletter 

Hayley DeLugach, Finance Co-Chair & Hospitality Co-Chair

Linda Ely, Nominating & Membership Co-Chair

Katherine Ferguson, Membership Co-Chair

Mary Fowler, Corresponding Secretary

Norah Geraghty, Hospitality Co-Chair

Open, Digital Communication & Social Media

Deborah Hall, Website

Nathalie Hebert, Spring Gala Chair

Mary Ann Holbrook, Town Gardens
Sue Kaufman, Auditor

Alexa Manning, Public Relations

Amy Somerstein, Database Manager

Kate Van Arman, Scholarship Committee Co-Chair

Karen Ward, Scholarship Committee Co-Chair

Elaine Waterman, Nearly New Sale Co-Chair

OPEN, Programs

OPEN, Historian Co-Chair

OPEN, Finance Co-Chair


Off-Board Positions

Anna Adachi-Mejia, Coffee & Conversation Co-Chair

Kate Barlow, Women, Wine & Wisdom
Cinny Bensen, Spring Gala Auction

Jennifer Langhus, Summer Concerts

Corlan Johnson, Town Directory


OPEN, Coffee & Conversation Co-Chair

OPEN, Voter Information

OPEN, Digital Communication & Social Media

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