Lily Trajman, President

OPEN, Vice President

Tracey Hayes, Treasurer

Annette Brown, Recording Secretary


Jacqueline Allen, Public Relations

Annette Brown, Nearly New Sale Co-Chair

Judy Brown, Newsletter & Finance Co-Chair

Sophia Crawford, Corresponding Secretary

Marcia Davis, Membership & Membership Directory

Hayley DeLugach, Hospitality Co-Chair

Linda Ely, Nominating

Norah Geraghty, Hospitality Co-Chair

Deborah Hall, Digital Communication & Social Media

Nathalie Hebert, Finance Co-Chair & Spring Gala Chair

Mary Ann Holbrook, Town Gardens
Sue Kaufman, Auditor

Jenn Langhus, Summer Concerts

Bonnie Lawlor, Programs Co-Chair

OPEN, Programs Co-Chair

Tamara Lowe, Website

Holly Sateia, Historian Co-Chair

Christine Bothe, Historian Co-Chair

Amy Somerstein, Database Manager

Kate Van Arman, Scholarship Committee Co-Chair

Karen Ward, Scholarship Committee Co-Chair

Elaine Waterman, Nearly New Sale Co-Chair


Off Board positions 

Cinny Bensen, Spring Gala Auction

Margo Doscher, Voter Information

Margo Doscher/Roney Hoffman, Coffee & Conversation

Arline Rotman, Membership Development

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