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Norwich Women's Club Scholarships

Application Deadline February 15th


Norwich students have received more than $800,000 in awards through the Norwich Women's Club Scholarship fund (formerly the Marion Cross Scholarship Fund) since 1964.  The fund was originally named in honor of Marion Cross, a teacher and principal in Norwich for over 40 years.

Scholarships from the Norwich Women's Club are open to residents of Norwich who are pursuing post secondary education at an accredited institution.  The priority for NWC scholarships is for students just graduating from high school,  but returning students and adults going back to school are encouraged to apply. 

Those interested in applying for NWC scholarships need to apply through VSAC and should obtain the VSAC (Vermont Student Assistance Corporation) scholarship application booklet. The booklets are available in the Hanover High School guidance office, the Norwich Public Library, on line, by calling VSAC at 1-888-253-4819 or clicking here.  

Applicants will complete the confidential application, which requires a financial statement as well as short essays about financial need, high school/applicable experience, and future goals.  

The completed application must be mailed to VSAC on or before the February 15, 2023 deadline.  Applications postmarked after the closing date will not be processed.   Incomplete applications will not be processed by VSAC and cannot be considered by the Norwich Women's Club Scholarship Committee. 

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