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Thank you for supporting the Norwich Women’s Club Scholarship Fund 


The Nearly New Sale is a consignment sale. People bring up to 125 items of their new or gently worn men’s, women’s and children’s clothing to us to sell for them. The consignor receives 50% of the selling price, and the remainder benefits the Norwich Women’s Club Scholarship Fund. This fundraising event, run by many volunteers, has allowed the NWC to provide over $650,000 in education scholarships to Norwich residents since 1964. As this is a fundraiser, the clothing we accept must be in excellent, nearly new condition. All items accepted are inspected first by volunteers using strict guidelines that are available on our website.  

You will ultimately be paid 50% of the sale price of each item sold in the regular sale (Friday-Saturday) and Half Price Sale (Sunday 10-1), but nothing if the item remains in the Bag Sale (Sunday 1:30-3). Consignors may wish to pick up unsold items on Saturday afternoon. All consigned items not retrieved during the designated period on Saturday go into a Half-Price Sale on Sunday morning, and then into a Bag Sale that afternoon.  If they remain unsold by the end of the sale, items are donated to the Listen Center. Fall and winter clothing may be consigned for the Fall Sale, and spring and summer clothing may be consigned at the Spring Sale. See online inspection guidelines for details about what clothing and accessories are accepted.

Big Changes from Fall, 2019 that are continuing: 

  • Online consignor registration and inventory system.

  • No more in-person consignment or price tagging.  

  • All clothing inventory, pricing, and tagging to be done by consignors prior to the inspection period, using the online program on their own computer or tablet.

  • Help sessions planned for the online consignment period for people with technical questions regarding the new system.

  • Upper limit of 125 items per consignor.

  • Consignor registration fee of $5 will be deducted from your consignor check (helps defray costs of the online system and mailing consignor checks).

  • Consignors print their price tags from the online program onto specified cardstock and attach to their items using a tagging gun and stems, or safety pins.

  • Cardstock, tagging guns, and stems available online from Amazon, Staples, or Walmart for delivery or pickup in store. We are selling cardstock at the Help Sessions for 5 cents per sheet if it is a financial hardship to purchase a package of cardstock. 

  • We will have tagging guns and stems available to borrow at the three Help Sessions for a small donation. You must bring your pre-printed tags with you.

  • Detailed Consigning instructions will be available on the Norwich Women’s Club website. The website includes pricing guidelines.

  • Consignors can see online at the end of sale which of their items sold.

After many years of conducting the sale in basically the same way, we launched a new online program in 2019 which we believe has made it easier for consignors to use. There is now an upper limit of 125 items per consignor. To consign, you must: 

  1. Sign on to the program through the new link on our website: Click here 

  2. Review and agree to our Consignor’s Agreement under Detailed Consignment Instructions 

  3. Register to receive your consignor number. 

You will use the online system with your personal computer or tablet to enter and price the clothes you want to sell, under your consignor account. You will print your own price tags using cardstock we recommend. You will then attach the price tags using a tagging gun and stems, or safety pins, that you purchase. We have information in the Detailed Consignment Instructions on our website about where to purchase all these supplies. We will no longer be completing sales tags and inventory sheets for consignors in person, but ask that you use our new program that should streamline the process for everyone.

We are setting aside three Help Sessions during the online consignment period for us to answer any of your technical questions in person. They are scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 19, 2pm - 4pm, Sunday Sept.26, 1 - 3pm and Tuesday, Sept. 28, 9:30am - 12:30pm.  Please note that these times allow us to help YOU familiarize yourself with the new system. We will help you to inventory, print and tag up to 10 items. If you have any problems using the new program during the online consignment period, please send your questions to nns.consign@gmail.com  We will get back to you as soon as we are able.

Once your items are organized, you will bring them to Tracy Hall as in the past for inspection during the week of the sale: Wednesday 12 noon to 7pm, Thursday 10am to 6pm, or Friday from 10 am to 2 pm. We have instituted a new drop off system to enable you to leave your tagged items with us for inspection and return later in the day to retrieve any items we are unable to accept.


We are still accepting donated clothing in advance of the sale if people do not wish to consign. Please contact Elaine Waterman to arrange inspection of the clothes you want to donate. Appointments are available on the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of the week before the sale. Phone (802) 649-1558 to arrange a time.

Note: Some consignors may wish to take home their unsold clothes on the Saturday afternoon of the sale (between 2:30 and 3:30 pm), before clothes go into the Half Price and Bag Sales on Sunday. You will need to bring a copy of your online inventory sheet, find the unsold clothes yourself on the sales floor, and then check out with a cashier to make sure the clothes you are taking home are on your inventory list. Please be aware: clothing may not always be hung on the correct rack, or may still be in the dressing room area waiting to be re-hung. Our volunteer sales staff try their best to put back clothing in the most appropriate place, but sometimes items end up in unexpected locations. The NWC can not be held responsible for any consigned items that are not found, or later not sold.