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Consignor Agreement


The Nearly New Sale is run by volunteers and is a fund raiser for the Norwich Women's Club college scholarship program. Though we do our best to treat respectfully all items consigned with us, the NNS can not be held responsible for any items lost, stolen or damaged at the Sale. We try our best to register every item sold into our computer system so that we may provide consignors with their share of all their sold items. There may be isolated occasions where, due to human error or other unforeseen circumstances, sold items may not get registered into the system during sale periods on the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning of the Sale. Once the Bag Sale begins on Sunday afternoon, we do not track items sold in that phase of the sale.


On occasion, an item which has been accepted for consignment is later found to have a defect that would prevent it from being sold at full cost. In an effort to allow both the consignor and the Sale to benefit from the sale of the item, the Sale Chairman reserves the right to lower the cost to enable it to be sold. Please do not consign items for which you would be unwilling to have this happen.


Some consignors may wish to take home their unsold clothes on the Saturday afternoon of the sale (between 2:30 and 3:30 pm only), before clothes go into the Half Price and Bag Sales on Sunday. You will need to bring a printed copy of your online inventory sheet, find the unsold clothes yourself on the sales floor, and then check out with a cashier to make sure the clothes you are taking home are on your inventory list. Note: clothing may not always be hung on the correct rack, or may still be in the dressing room area waiting to be re-hung. Our volunteer sales staff try their best to put back clothing in the most appropriate place, but sometimes items end up in unexpected locations.

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